Emergency Care

This certified course is designed to train a person to be capable of providing advanced care in any situation.


Attendees are trained to a high standard of patient care with both instructor and peer assessments throughout the course. More than 50% of the course is practical so that attendees gain the confidence and competency to use the various techniques taught throughout the course.


This is a very comprehensive course requiring prior study and pre-examination before attending the course to practice the scenario-based skills. Assessment is based on a combination of practical and written activities.


Course Prerequisites

A current First Aid Certificate is required. Please note, we will need to sight your certificate to ensure that it is current. A working knowledge of first aid is highly recommended.


Who should attend?

Persons over the age of sixteen who have a thorough working knowledge of first aid and who wish to extend these skills further. This course is especially suited to attendee whose workplace has specific dangers or is some distance from emergency services.


Specific Topics include...

•  Basic Life Support Revision

•  Ventilation Air / AED

•  Crisis Team

•  Suction

•  Gas Cylinders

•  Respiration / Oxygen

•  Airway Adjuncts

•  Splinting

•  Spinal Trauma

•  Specific Conditions

•  All skills are scenario based
    and cover one-rescuer and
    two-rescuer situations



The use of Entonox (pain relief)
can be covered upon request.


NZQA Credits

The Unit Standards associated with this course are:


Demonstrate knowledge of and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

(Level 2, 1 credit)



Provide basic pre-hospital emergency care

(Level 3, 6 credits)



Move a patient in preparation for transportation

(Level 3, 1 credit)


If you would like these credits logged with NZQA, please provide your NZQA number or NSN number and your date of birth to your MediTrain Instructor.


Bookings and Pricing

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The use of Entonox
(pain relief)
can be
on request

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